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Why Every Small Business Needs an App

Apps are an incredibly valuable tool

They have been for a very long time. The problem for small and midsize business (SMB) owners was the price of developing an app for their business. This alone is why every small business needs an app of their own.

SMBs knew that having an app would help, but was it worth $60,000? Probably not.

Would it be worth less than $200/month? Yes. Absolutely. Especially when you can cancel whenever you want – no contract.

People spend more than 4 hours per day on their smartphones and app usage takes the lion’s share of time spent on mobile devices.

Having a mobile-optimized website experience is good, but often not enough. People are voting for apps with their time and usage.

It can be easy to forget a web address. It’s easier to remember a place when you have an app for it. Having that screen space is great for your branding with that customer too. It’s like a tiny billboard directly at your customer’s eyes.

Device storage is now at a level to hold hundreds of apps. The only bottleneck for SMBs was the price of developing an app.

Your customer has many pain points, some of which involve your company.

They don’t know when you have deals or specials. They don’t know about a loyalty program or they lost their card or have no idea how many points they have towards that cool freebie you offer.

Your events aren’t getting noticed but customers would love to attend… if only they knew when it was happening. They would love to hear from you in a way that cuts through the noise.

Solve Pain Points with an App

Communication is key. Customers want to feel heard and hear from you. With an app, you can setup push notifications to get back in your customer’s mind and let them chat with you through a support messaging feature.

Host events, whether in-person or remote, to boost engagement and get your customers together for an experience. We’re moving more towards an experience-based economy and this is a great way to jump on that trend.

Customers want to pay immediately and not deal with a card. In-app payments remove friction for your customers. You should be removing friction wherever you can.

Having a loyalty rewards program is great, but requiring your customers keep track of a punch card is another example of friction. They aren’t going to carry that with them all the time. They will have their smartphone with them at all times though. Put the loyalty program in the app and they can track their rewards from their phone.

Scheduling is made a lot easier with the use of a mobile app. People love to whip out their phone, with little friction, and select an appointment window and schedule a time with you.

An app is generally a faster, smoother experience than a mobile web browser. You also get to design the entire user experience in your app.

You get extra points for incorporating ways they can use their phone for your app. For example, you could have the QR code scanner feature for admission (digital ticket), bonus content or rewards.

Own Your Data

It’s a big deal.

Avoid the middle man (see: Facebook, Shopify, etc) crushing your wallet and soul to get valuable insights on your audience. By using an app you own, you get a direct line to your customers.

Through the insights in the data, you learn about your most profitable segments and where your users are, so you can focus your efforts there.

People are becoming less comfortable with Facebook tracking their every move. Your customers should trust you. Convince them to download your app by leveraging the fact you won’t sell their data to advertisers.

Your Engagement Window

You have an opportunity to engage your customers on a more personal level and get them excited about your brand.

As app usage becomes more and more popular, you don’t want to be the last business on the block to launch an app.

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