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Super Useful Woocommerce Features and How To Get Even More With Woo!

Super Useful WooCommerce Features and How to Get Even More With Woo!

WooCommerce is a wildly popular e-commerce plugin that provides a virtual platform for entrepreneurs across the globe. With WooCommerce on your side, you can turn your WordPress website into an e-commerce store in the blink of an eye.

With zero limitations on what you choose to sell and a completely customizable interface, this open-source e-commerce platform couldn’t possibly get any better.

Or could it?

WooCommerce is such a great tool because you need no expertise or experience whatsoever! You can easily create a great online store and get the most out of your website. In addition to that, there are some incredible WooCommerce features and extensions that make the entire experience, for both the developer and their customers, smooth as butter.

Here are some of the most useful WooCommerce features that can help you extract the maximum from the platform:

Creating a User-Friendly Store

The easier your website is to navigate and maneuver, the more your customers are going to enjoy their shopping experience. Imagine being unable to find what you are looking for with ease – no categories, no labels, no order, no layout. A nightmare, right? A huge part of creating a user-friendly experience is making your website easy to navigate.

WooCommerce offers a wide variety of themes that can really help you out while structuring the navigation of your site. For instance, the Woostroid Theme by TemplateMonster is an option to consider if you are looking to flatten the navigation.

A simple feature that can make a huge difference is, for instance, while designing your website, you can add categories and subcategories to make your product easier to find. So, a category like Jewelry could include sub-categories like ‘rings,’ ‘earrings’, and so on to make it easier for customers to locate what they are looking for.

Another easy tactic is to use breadcrumb links and navigation menus. Breadcrumb navigation essentially refers to a hierarchical navigation menu that is presented as a trail of links. What this does is it gives you free rein on customizing the default WooCommerce breadcrumbs, improving the navigation for both bots and people.

Another user-friendly feature that works in favor of both the developer and the customer is WooCommerce’s built-in options to include Upsells and Cross-sells to the products. Upsells show up on the product page as a similar product that the customer may also be interested in.

Cross-sells, on the other hand, show up as complementary products on the cart page.

Highlighting the Product

Without a product to sell, there won’t be much of a store. WooCommerce has numerous features that make it so much easier to organize and display your products in the best possible way. One of the WooCommerce features is that you can create your own product descriptions that are completely unique to the products that you sell.

You can also update the product information such as its name, price, and so on as and when the need arises using a CSV file. On your website, you can also showcase as many variations of the product as you like based on color, fabric, etc. along with the option to display the prices, images, and available stock for each variation put forth. With the affiliate products feature, you can also choose to display products of other sites that are available for purchase using an affiliate link.


Another really cool feature is shortcodes, which are short snippets of code that allows you to perform some specific function. On WooCommerce, you can display your top-rated products right on your home page or even display relevant products when a customer shows some interest in a certain product.

With these shortcodes, you can change the display of products. For example, you can display specific products in a grid layout or list them in various ways around your store. Some shortcodes are built-in, like the add-to-cart shortcode. This lets you put in an add-to-cart button for a particular product anywhere you, please. Others, like the quick view shortcode, which adds quick view buttons to the given products, are available through plugins.

Great Organization

Running a store, physical or virtual, requires a lot of meticulous planning and organizational work. WooCommerce, thankfully, comes with several features that make this arduous organizational task much more efficient.

For instance, inventory management is so much simpler with WooCommerce. It tracks stock levels, notifies you when stock is low or when items are out-of-stock, can remove the out-of-stock items from view, and so much more!

Similarly, you can also manage orders with ease as WooCommerce allows you to add customer notes, mark the shipped items, as well as offer quick refunds that can be directly managed within the WooCommerce dashboard.

Getting More WooCommerce Features

WooCommerce has a ton of features that you can make the most of. It is a tool for SEO practices, is super customizable, and is beyond easy to use. With simple tricks, you can quickly boost the popularity of your site with minimum effort.

If the in-built features weren’t enough, there are many additional plugins and extensions to get you the results you desire.

So what comes next? How do you push forward and get even more with Woo?

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With the V/One WooCommerce plugin you can achieve this as easily as you turned your website into an e-commerce store.

An app can be a huge advantage given how much easier it will be for people to gain access to your site. You can boost sales, increase engagement, and even retain more customers. What better way to make the most of your beautiful Woocommerce store?!

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