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how to create an app for your ecommerce site

How to Create an App for Your Ecommerce Site

How to Create an App for Your Ecommerce Site

Having a mobile responsive site is absolutely necessary, but it’s also the minimum in today’s mobile-first landscape.

Apps are an excellent way to engage your customers on a more frequent basis.

You can use an app to send push notifications. You can run specials or loyalty bonuses for app users. These are things you can’t do with only a website.

Perhaps the coolest thing about having an app is that you get a spot on your customer’s device. That icon gives you brand presence and a reminder to your customers every time they look at their device.

Apps are cool and provide some unique features, but are they truly necessary for your business?

Do you really need to create an app?

More people are buying what they need and want via e-commerce than ever before. With the world that has experienced the Coronavirus Pandemic, expect that trend to continue. 

More time is spent on apps than on mobile versions of websites. In fact, 90% of the time on phones is spent on apps vs only 10% in mobile browsers.

With that, you can create a brand experience that will help your user feel comfortable with your brand and connect with your message more quickly and easily.

Apps also have a higher conversion rate compared to the mobile browser. For retail, the conversion rate is almost doubled with an app!

Now that you understand that having an app is better than not having one, let’s get into how to create an app for your ecommerce site.

Your Options for How to Create an App

1) You could hire an agency

Agencies design and develop apps all the time. They might even be particularly good at designing and building them. 

The biggest issue with agencies is the price. They are going to charge tens of thousands of dollars to build your app! What is all that money going towards? The overhead, the sales staff, the agency owners – in short, people who aren’t actually building your app.

Maybe you’re wondering how much it would cost to make an app with an agency. Well, this handy tool will tell you how much they expect you to pay. Hint: it’s a lot of money.

GoodFirms research says it will cost you $40,000 – $60,000 for a low-functionality app. 

Call us crazy, but we didn’t think getting an app for your ecommerce store should be that expensive.

With an agency, they may take a long time to build your app. You’re looking at the launch time being in a few weeks, at best, to a few months.

2) You could hire a freelancer

There are many excellent freelancers who can build iOS and Android apps for your ecommerce site. Their prices will vary widely based on skill level, experience, and current country of residence – because of cost of living plays a huge role in how much people charge for their services.

The key benefits of hiring a freelancer or small team of freelancers are that you will have more control of the process and a lower cost compared to hiring an agency. You will get to be specific with them about what you want and they won’t be billing you for a sales team, support department, account executive, etc. 

The downside of this approach is right there in the benefit – you have to put in a lot of time managing your freelancer(s). 

You need to understand how to manage projects to be effective at this. Maybe you already know how or you took a course on Udemy and think you’re ready. You should still hire someone who’s fluent in your language. Otherwise, that barrier is going to add many extra hours to your project.

You will be spending many hours in communication with your freelancer ensuring the work is done properly and on-time for the money you spend.

It’s more cost-effective than hiring an agency, but maybe not more time-effective.

3) You could learn to code

While not a bad idea, even if you don’t build your own app, learning to code is a very time-intensive process to launching an app for your ecommerce site.

You won’t have to spend much money to learn to code. There are many great resources for learning to code including Udemy and Codecademy.

You will have to spend hundreds of hours, at minimum, to be competent at coding (see: Googling it and pasting the code in the appropriate spot) though.

Maybe all of this is sounding like a bit much and you’d rather just keep your mobile site and not worry about an app… Fear not.

4) You can use the drag and drop builder made by V/ One

Yeah, we made a plugin that will work with your ecommerce website built with WordPress and WooCommerce

Our plugin will allow you to build your app using our drag and drop builder. It’s so easy to use, you can launch your app today!

Not only is it super time-efficient, but our plugin is also super cost-effective.

Instead of tens of thousands of dollars, we charge only $197/month. That price includes the hosting of your app.

As a token of thanks for reading our blog, use the code “BLOGS” for 20% OFF and FREE setup of your app!