About Us

Our Story

4 years ago I was told I was going to have a hard time being a tech entrepreneur. I did not have a cofounder (on at least 12 different occasions people wanted to be my cofounder and then abandoned me when things got tough – but I didn’t let that stop me), I could not code and I didn’t  have much money. But I wasn’t going to let people tell me I couldn’t be an entrepreneur. It’s all I ever wanted to be. I remember when I was first called an entrepreneur and I remember how it felt. I was 7. I also remember being called that when I actually knew what it meant. And I have been chasing that feeling ever since. I want as many people to feel that same feeling and I want to help get them there. It’s not easy, but V/One sure definitely makes it easier than ever before.

- Jeremy Redman, ceo

- Kenneth Johnson, head of sales & research

- C.J. Windisch, Tech

- Faryar Ghaemi, head of product & customer success

- John Tabis, Advisor

Frequently Asked Questions

You will be updated via email based on milestones – so make sure to confirm your email. Your app usually takes anywhere from 3 weeks to 8 weeks, but average around 4-5 weeks. The clock does not start until you upload your app assets and app requirements on your dashboard. So, it takes about 30-60 days from the time you upload your app assets and requirements on your dashboard.  And then you’ll have your core functionality and designs done for your version 1. After that, just input any revisions and changes or feature-adds in the on the change request form at https://yourvone.com/changes.

Haha – we get this a lot. But, it’s not too good to be true. While the PRICE might be, the process is not. You will get bugs, the sign-in may not work at first, and the function may not work to begin. This stuff all happens with version 1’s. All you do is report it and let us know through the critical bugs form. Don’t be alarmed – it’s natural. This all comes with the territory of building custom apps in the cloud. It’s a new territory and we ask everyone to work with us and believe in the process. It’s process over perfection.

By our definition: a version 1 is good design with CORE functionality, with very little attention to detail. If you want to focus on details, we do have an add-on that allows you to describe more in depth what you want. But, the focus should be on design and core function to begin to make your version 1. This is WHY we named the company V/One. It’s our focus. Your V1. Your V/One. Your first version of your digital product.

This is for a reason. We hold you to 140 characters to make you think how to describe your app simply, with only the function necessary. Imagine how you pitch your app, you say, “My app shows vegan restaurants around me based on wifi signal strengths.”  This is simple and it recognizes one core function. Things get too big too fast if you expand on it before you need to. Let the market and your users tell you what they want AFTER your core, differentiating function is validated. If Twitter can change the world in 140 characters, you can describe the V1 of your app.

This varies based on the Smart Assistant information. This info will be emailed to you. There is no real timeline, but it averages to be anywhere from a couple days to a few weeks, based on what you change.

App backends are extra cost and some times unnecessary until you actually need them. Which is the focus of our company – only focusing on what is needed to begin and working from there on market feedback and necessity. The info is all kept on the database, so don’t worry. It’s there.

You can make any changes you want to your app at any time. All changes, revisions, and feature add-ons will go through the change request form HERE. You get a round of 10 changes for a one-time fee of $997.

Yes! But, to start, we focus exclusively on designs and CORE function to get to your first version (your V1) out to you as fast and affordable as possible. All other changes, revisions, and feature add-ons will go through the change request form – where you get a round of 10 changes for $997.

Haha – no. Can you imagine if we had to do that for everyone that wanted an app built with us for our prices? We operate on a volume of customers model, we’re not focused on a few customers who pay us a BUNCH! Ideas are a dime’a dozen and it’s all in the execution – so execute it. We’re busy executing our business and helping entrepreneurs succeed, not stealing their ideas. No one wants to steal your idea anyway.

We have a money back guarantee. In the first 7 days of purchasing, if you are not satisfied, we will lovingly give you your money back, no questions asked, so don’t worry. This excludes plans that were given any discounts or promo codes. Do not use a discount code if you plan on asking for a refund. You will not get it. We love you and care about your progress, but our margins are thin enough.

Yes, absolutely! There is a one-time app store submission fee for the app store, but all V/One apps get Google Play submission and web app for free. You can buy the app store submission fee inside the builder when you’re ready to submit.

We guarantee core functionality based on your description and good designs for the initial $997. You can imagine apps cost a bunch more. Haha. So, we keep the cost down on the whole initial build instead of hiking up prices on everyone. Everyone may not need revisions and we do not bake any of those costs in, like others do. So it’s more affordable for everyone by doing it this way. And our Smart Assistant has the lowest prices around for any changes as well, due to our Smart Bidding.

Yeah – it’s your app. Once you’ve paid it’s all yours. It’s only $997, so why not?