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Our Story

4 years ago I was told I was going to have a hard time being a tech entrepreneur. I did not have a cofounder (on at least 12 different occasions people wanted to be my cofounder and then abandoned me when things got tough – but I didn’t let that stop me), I could not code and I didn’t  have much money. But I wasn’t going to let people tell me I couldn’t be an entrepreneur. It’s all I ever wanted to be. I remember when I was first called an entrepreneur and I remember how it felt. I was 7. I also remember being called that when I actually knew what it meant. And I have been chasing that feeling ever since. I want as many people to feel that same feeling and I want to help get them there. It’s not easy, but V/One sure definitely makes it easier than ever before.

- Jeremy Redman, founder

The Philosophy

How bad do you want to get your idea out of head and into the world??? This is what we want to do for you! Something people can actually USE and not just click or look at.

Perfection is the enemy of progress.

As Reid Hoffman (Founder of LinkedIn) says, “If you’re not embarrassed by the first version of your product you’ve launched too late.” We agree that speed is important, the only difference is you won’t be embarrassed by your V/One.

We have been called the “Legal Zoom for native mobile apps” but we also dislike x for y sayings. I guess it’s easier to understand that way, though. We have people customizing to meet your needs, but we have templates and starting points, to lessen the cost and friction, passing the savings on to you. We cover all the risk upfront – you can cancel whenever you want.

Launching only core functions first and fast – too often people get mixed up and listen to people before their first release.

Don’t build something unless there is a demand – which is why you use our frictionless feedback if you want.
At this price ($197) you can experiment faster than ever

Our platform grants tech entrepreneurs “Optionality,” meaning you can gamble and only be out hundreds of dollars NOT thousands and thousands for a product that may never go anywhere. So why not??

Getting out of your head and don’t overanalyze

Fix problems as they arise. Don’t try to guess what problems will be and overbuild before you have to.
There are countless stories of overcharging. It’s a saas platform, meaning you pay as you go and you don’t have to pay thousands dollars upfront.

From the single mother who didn’t think she could make her own app and share it, to the  Iranian immigrant starting her first venture. From the inner city girls group, to the 60-year old making an app for her church.

Everyone can be a tech entrepreneur and thats the way it should be.

We help people get tech without spending thousands upfront.

There are no original ideas anymore. It’s not about the idea. It’s about the execution. And V/One allows everyone to execute their idea. And stay agile.

Everyone can carve they own niche and be HAPPIER doing it!

You don’t need to raise money
You don’t need a technical co founder

Don’t listen to other people unless they are ready to buy your product

WE ARE NOT A DEVELOPMENT FIRM – we don’t work by the hour and we don’t have “clients.” If you want to add something to the app you can buy a custom screen add-on for $599 and we can do what you describe. And most importantly we don’t have unnecessary amounts of people and overhead (like pre-sales teams) and then charge you to cover their costs, which inflates what you would pay for an app.

We are in this for to help you and to make money. We need to make money. If you cancel the subscription you lose your app because we can’t pay our bills (see the office pictured above). If you want to walk away we can talk about a price to hand you everything, including the source code. That is going to be a minimum of $5,000 and we’ll give you everything. Think about it like this: Squarespace does not allow you to walk away with your website if you cancel their subscription. We are at least giving you the option if you want later, but that’s not the point of the V/One platform (see we are not a development firm). It’s to help launch and stay partners for as long as you need. Meanwhile, you get unlimited access and connectivity through the app and you own everything, so use it like you want.

We don’t believe there’s a right way to do something. We believe in just getting it done.

No one wants to steal your idea – like we said above – can you execute on it? We don’t have time to execute on anything but this platform and no one is going to have the same passion about your idea as you do in order to make it succeed.

The Team

Our Team

The Do-ers

  • Jeremy Redman

    Jeremy Redman

    Founder & CEO

  • Matthew Redman

    Matthew Redman

    Board Member

  • Paul Jaques

    Paul Jaques

    Board Member

  • Laurel Chiten

    Laurel Chiten