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Increase in Sales

Increase in Sales

80% increase in sales for companies that adopt a mobile-centric approach.

Increase in Engagement

Increase in Engagement

Visitors are 10x more likely to open a push notification instead of an email.

Increase in Retention

Increase in Retention

78% of people would rather access a store from an app than a mobile website.

Functional, customized app, submitted to app stores, versioning.

Watch V/One In Action

This crude demo will show you how easy it can be

I made this video for everyone because videos are effective, right? I wonder who is going to read this AND watch it

Focus on what matters!

We match beautiful design with the purpose of your app

Our builder is meant to constrict your initial app build. This way we focus on what matters and what can be built fast and as cost effective as possible. Projects tend to get bigger and V/One is meant to focus on what matters. You can always add on later.

New and Noteworthy

Minimize Your Downside

Don’t spend $10k or more on a prototype. Be able to test the market with a new idea with an actual product IN the market. Not clickable prototypes, or sketches. After you’ve validated by testing in the market – start over with a new product or cancel anytime.

Packed with features

Here are all the goodies you can look forward to

We have a bunch of features you can choose from out of the box. IF you need anything we don’t offer, we can customize screens and features for you, just let us know.

Screen Design Thinking

Screen Design Thinking

You imagine what your app would look and feel like. Point and click the screens that match your vision. Easy.

Revenue Centric

Revenue Centric

In our learning management system, it will walk you through on how to attract and retain your first customer and beyond.

Web App Included

Web App Included

Push an iOS, Android and Progressive Web App all at once. With the web app, it looks and functions like a native app but you don’t have to download anything.

Membership Websites and Apps

Membership Websites and Apps

Create gateways and make money while you build your audience, both through a membership web and native app.

You Own the Data

You Own the Data

You own the data you collect, unlike other social media platforms. Your platform your data.

No Monthly Headache

No Monthly Headache

Even when you build an app you STILL have to pay monthly costs for things like server setup, hosting, security, backups, and maintenance. We take care of all of that for you and it’s all included in our pricing.

From real users

Why customers love us

From restaurant to dating to film apps, here are some of the ways customers have used our platform to launch their platform cheaper, faster and by themselves. No more need for long timelines, begging for help, and paying high costs.

Gathr® Films uses movies as "empathy-building machines" to inspire local communities around social impact. Making $120k in under a month.

- Gathr Films

For singles, who want less expensive dates without any of the efforts, Omi is a dating app that allows friends and family to pick out the dates. Revenue on launch day.

- Omi

Utilizing a mobile app and a rebranded website brought an ecommmerce solution Tutto Italiano. From no ordering to $3k in ordering ahead in 2 months.

- Tutto Italiano
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